Bakers Lemar Angus will be selling bulls by Private Treaty for their 70th Anniversary!

Bakers Lemar Angus will be selling bulls by Private Treaty for their 70th Anniversary

Private Treaty Kick-off will be April 3rd at the ranch

Selling 70 registered, yearling Black Angus bulls & 70 commercial, yearling heifers

For more info call Mike: 642-9785

Sunrise Angus Ranch Annual Bull Sale April 19th Faith Livestock

LaDue Sunrise Angus Ranch Monday, April 19th Faith Livestock @ 1 PM.

Selling 60 Two Year old Angus Bulls

For more information call Kent of Janet LaDue @ 605-788-2969

or log onto

Mangen Angus 49th Annual Bull Sale April 22 Belle Fourche Livestock

Home of the 1 Year Unconditional Guarantee

Mangen Angus Annual Bull Sale Thursday April 22 1 pm, Belle Fourche Livestock

Selling 125 Registered Yearling Angus Bulls

Contact John Mangen @ 406-436-2263


Wedge Tent Ranch Bull Sale April 28th Faith Livestock

Wedge Tent Ranch  Annual Bull Sale, Wednesday, April 28th 1 pm  Faith Livestock

Selling 34 Two year olds and 18 yearlings Registered Black Angus Bulls

Contact Bart Carmichael at 605-788-2838 or  or on

Gill Red Angus Spring Bull Sale Apr 28th at the Ranch near Timberlake

Gill Red Angus Spring Bull Sale April 28th 1 pm at the Ranch near Timberlake, SD

Selling 75 coming Yearling Red Angus Bulls & 65 Commercial Replacement Heifers

Contact Bryan @ 701-730-0134 or Larry @ 605-865-3288


J Spear Cattle Co April 29th Belle Fourche Livevstock

J Spear Cattle Co  April 29th

Selling 100 head of registered Angus yearlings and 20 never before offered two year olds.

April 29th 1 pm at Belle Fourche Livestock

100% guaranteed first breeding season.

Contact Jace Shearer at 605-685-5964 or


Day Angus Annual Bull Sale, May 1st Faith Livestock 1 PM!

Day Angus Bull Sale

May 1st  Faith Livestock 1 pm
Selling 80 Purebred Angus bulls
2 Ranch Horses
Broadcast on
Justin Day 605-788-2822 h
First-year breeding season guarantee.

McDonnell Angus Bull Sale May 5th Bowman Auction Market

May 5th 1 pm Bowman Auction Market

Selling 100 Angus Yearling Bulls; Performance & Efficiency Tested

Contact Leo at 406-780-0176 or  Victor at 307- 217-0735

Urlacher Angus Spring Bull Sale June 7th Bowman Auction Markets


Urlacher Angus Ranch Spring Bull Sale June 7th 1 PM MDT at Bowman Auction Market

Offering 40, 18 Month & Coming Two Year Olds.

Contact Gregg Urlacher @ 701-824-4129 or

Powerful, Potent…Mature, Reliable