Company that specializes in man made lakes updates Sturgis residents on proposed Sturgis Lakeside Adventure Park

Gary MatthewsApril 8, 2021Local
courtesy photoRon Romens of Commercial Recreation Specialists answers a question Wednesday night.

STURGIS, S.D. – The Sturgis Aquatics Commission held their second meeting Wednesday night as they continue to work on gaining support for a man-made lake recreating area in Sturgis.

The meeting featured Ron Romens of Commercial Recreation Specialists, a company that specializes in building man made lakes. Romens gave a break down on how to maintain safe water in the lake.

He says it is a comprehensive system to maintain a clean and healthy pond that uses aerators to produce the natural introduction of enzymes and bacteria.

“We’re creating an ecosystem that draws people out to nature. It promotes a natural environment, creating  sandy beaches, gentle slopes, really designed for recreation. And, to keep that water safe, one of the main things is to properly design it to make sure we’re getting the storm water, runoff and all those pollutants moving away from the lake.”

Alison Carter, chairperson of the Sturgis Aquatics Committee, says they could build a lake easily and cost effectively, using a TIF, or tax increment finance district to help pay for a large portion of it.

She says community support, however, is needed to make it a reality.

The park would be built on approximately 24 acres of land at the Sturgis Fairgrounds.