Meade County Commission gathers for first 2023 meeting Tuesday

Gary MatthewsJanuary 10, 2023Local
Meade County Commission Meeting

STURGIS, S.D. – The Meade County Commission met for their first meeting of the year Tuesday.

As part of their first of the year appointments, Commissioner Ted Seaman was selected to serve as chairperson with Rich Liggett serving as vice-chairman.

The commission set their yearly salary at $19,500 – which was an amount recommended by a salary study. Commissioners then set rate of pay for State’s Attorney, Sheriff and Coroner at $102,032 and Auditor, Register of Deeds and Treasurer at $78,000. Commissioners also set the rate of pay for Planning, Weed and Pest Boards and M.P.O. Committee at $100 per meeting.

In business today, the commission approved a variance request for Bear Butte Water to expand water service to rural Meade County by constructing 20-26 miles of water distribution pipeline to serve approximately 25 new customers.

Bear Butte Water needed the variance because Meade County requires that water lines be installed in a sleeve when they are crossing a road within a public right of way.

The variance will allow them to install water lines 4-inches and smaller without a sleeve when crossing roads within a public right-of-way. That is only if the ADT is 100-feet or less and not on a paved road.