Sturgis law enforcement, EMT’s participate in annual Freshman Choices Simulation

Gary MatthewsMarch 31, 2021Local
courtesy SD Highway PatrolFirst responders from around the Northern Hills participate in the Annual Freshman Choices Simulation Exercise at Sturgis Brown High School Tuesday Night.

STURGIS, S.D. – Sturgis Fire, Sturgis Ambulance, Police and South Dakota Highway Patrol all took part in the Annual Freshman Choices Simulation Exercise Tuesday evening.

The annual exercise helps community police and EMS responders teach students about the dangers and consequences of driving while impaired.

The annual exercise takes place at Sturgis Brown High School.

The Tuesday night exercise was for parents. Another simulation takes place Wednesday involving Sturgis Brown High School Students.

The training is realistic and gives students a hard look at what can happen when driving impaired. The scenario is a simulated traffic accident near the high school.

Responders use lights and sirens during the response portion of the exercise and treat the situation as if it were real.

The public should be aware that this is part of the exercise and there is not a real emergency at the high school.