Ten member committee appointed to begin impeachment process

Jerry Oster, WNAXMarch 1, 2021News

PIERRE, SD – South Dakota House Speaker Spencer Gosch has appointed a ten-member committee to begin outlining the Impeachment process for Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg.

SD House of Representative Ryan Cwach

Representative Ryan Cwach of Yankton is the democratic member of the committee. “They will hear the Articles of Impeachment in the House State of Affairs in the committee on Wednesday.  My understanding is there will be an amendment to essentially appoint all the lawyers that are in the House onto a select committee to actually make the recommendation as to whether the House should impeach the Attorney General. Then, if it passes committee then it will have to pass the House floor and it’s only after that, where that committee would be formed.”

Cwach says there will be a legislative and legal process at the same time.  “One of the interesting things going on right now is that there is a trial going on the judicial side. So we are almost going to be having two simultaneous trials going on at the same time.”

Committee member Cwach says the Impeachment process could have a bearing on the legal case. “It does raise issues if we are going to have a public hearing,  how is that going to impact the ability to have a fair trial on the legal side. Those are things we’re going to have to work through and be mindful of as we proceed.”

Ravnsborg has been charged with three misdemeanors in connection to the car – pedestrian death of Joe Boever of Highmore, SD last September.