Wrestling Roundup – Sturgis goes 2-2 at East-West Duals

Gary MatthewsJanuary 22, 2023Sports

UNDATED – The Sturgis Scooper Wrestling Squad went 2-2 at the East-West Duals on Saturday.

In their two wins, Sturgis defeated Harrisburg 39-19 and defeated Aberdeen Central 42-16.

The two losses were to Brandon Valley, 44-27 and Pierre 36-27.

Rapid City Central lost all four of their duals to Aberdeen Central 69-6, Brandon Valley 75-6, Harrisburg 65-10 and Pierre 62-9.

Rapid City Stevens was 1-3 with a w 41-25 victory over Aberdeen  Central, and losses to Brandon Valley, 43-25, Harrisburg 35-23 and Pierre, 54-11.

Spearfish lost all four of their duals to Aberdeen Central 70-3, Brandon Valley 70-10, Pierre 72-9 and Harrisburg 70-9.

Here are the results from the Scoopers four duals:

East vs West Duals – Sturgis

Match #1 Round 1

Sturgis defeated Harrisburg 39-19

  • 182Reese Jacobs (Sturgis) over Brandon Simunek (Harrisburg) Fall 0:40
  • 195Jack Detert (Harrisburg) over Aiden Werlinger (Sturgis) Dec 1-0
  • 220Zak Juelfs (Sturgis) over Aiden Schroeder (Harrisburg) Dec 1-0
  • 285Gueibondy Doelue (Harrisburg) over Dakarai Osborne (Sturgis) Dec 5-3
  • 106Korbin Bunch (Sturgis) over Griffin Felder (Harrisburg) Dec 7-1
  • 113Teryn Zebroski (Sturgis) over Logan Johns (Harrisburg) Fall 0:52
  • 120Tegan Zebroski (Sturgis) over Tyler Wurth (Harrisburg) Dec 6-4
  • 126Dee Daniels (Sturgis) over Carter Ractliffe (Harrisburg) Fall 2:57
  • 132Beau Peters (Sturgis) over Jayce Bornbusch (Harrisburg) Fall 3:31
  • 138Thayne Elshere (Sturgis) over Dylan O`Connor (Harrisburg) Dec 5-2
  • 145Teegen Stauffacher (Harrisburg) over Kalvin Ketelsen (Sturgis) Dec 4-0
  • 152Logan O`Connor (Harrisburg) over Dawson Inhofer (Sturgis) Fall 3:56
  • 160Zhoel Irion (Sturgis) over Peyton Tryon (Harrisburg) Dec 5-2
  • 170Soren Aadland (Harrisburg) over Preston Ray (Sturgis) Maj 8-0

Match #2 Round 2

Sturgis defeated Aberdeen Central 42-16

  • 195Aiden Werlinger (Sturgis) over Samson Flakus (Aberdeen Central) Dec 5-0
  • 220Zak Juelfs (Sturgis) over Bryce Beitelspacher (Aberdeen Central) Fall 1:45
  • 285Jacob Krenz (Aberdeen Central) over Dakarai Osborne (Sturgis) Fall 1:21
  • 106Korbin Bunch (Sturgis) over Paxton Ewing (Aberdeen Central) TF 15-0
  • 113Teryn Zebroski (Sturgis) over Porter Lozenski (Aberdeen Central) Maj 9-0
  • 120Tegan Zebroski (Sturgis) over Ridley Waldo (Aberdeen Central) Dec 4-2
  • 126Rayden Zens (Aberdeen Central) over Dee Daniels (Sturgis) Dec 6-1
  • 132Beau Peters (Sturgis) over Tate Huff (Aberdeen Central) Dec 9-2
  • 138Thayne Elshere (Sturgis) over Jacob Bellefeuille (Aberdeen Central) Fall 4:50
  • 145Mason Schrempp (Aberdeen Central) over Dawson Inhofer (Sturgis) Maj 14-5
  • 152Kalvin Ketelsen (Sturgis) over Elias Biegler (Aberdeen Central) Dec 7-1
  • 160Logan Opitz (Aberdeen Central) over Zhoel Irion (Sturgis) Dec 3-2
  • 170Preston Ray (Sturgis) over Ayden Gisi (Aberdeen Central) Dec 2-1
  • 182Reese Jacobs (Sturgis) over Cole Dunlavy (Aberdeen Central) Fall 3:03

Match #3 Round 3

Brandon Valley defeated Sturgis 44-27

  • 106Brendon Oehme (Brandon Valley) over Korbin Bunch (Sturgis) TF 21-6
  • 113Trevon Oehme (Brandon Valley) over Teryn Zebroski (Sturgis) Maj 11-1
  • 120Tegan Zebroski (Sturgis) over Roman Anderson (Brandon Valley) Fall 1:39
  • 126Zander Nielsen (Brandon Valley) over Dee Daniels (Sturgis) Dec 11-5
  • 132Jordon Oehme (Brandon Valley) over Beau Peters (Sturgis) Fall 2:14
  • 138Alex Mentzer (Brandon Valley) over Thayne Elshere (Sturgis) Fall 0:48
  • 145Trason Oehme (Brandon Valley) over Dawson Inhofer (Sturgis) TF 26-11
  • 152Kalvin Ketelsen (Sturgis) over Levi Veskrna (Brandon Valley) Dec 11-4
  • 160Gavin Chapman (Brandon Valley) over Zhoel Irion (Sturgis) Fall 1:18
  • 170Lucas Slack (Brandon Valley) over Preston Ray (Sturgis) Dec 5-1
  • 182Reese Jacobs (Sturgis) over Elijah Schunke (Brandon Valley) Fall 1:07
  • 195Aiden Werlinger (Sturgis) over Noah Bailous (Brandon Valley) Fall 3:53
  • 220Zak Juelfs (Sturgis) over DelVoun Spears-Witte (Brandon Valley) Fall 0:57
  • 285Navarro Schunke (Brandon Valley) over Dakarai Osborne (Sturgis) Fall 0:58

Match #4 Round 4

Pierre (TF Riggs) defeated Sturgis 36-27

  • 285Joshua Rydberg (Pierre (TF Riggs)) over Zak Juelfs (Sturgis) Dec 7-2
  • 106Korbin Bunch (Sturgis) over Jacob Mason (Pierre (TF Riggs)) Dec 6-2
  • 113Teryn Zebroski (Sturgis) over Alex Oedekoven (Pierre (TF Riggs)) TB-1 4-2
  • 120Tegan Zebroski (Sturgis) over Lincoln Schoenhard (Pierre (TF Riggs)) Dec 7-0
  • 126Dee Daniels (Sturgis) over Lincoln Houska (Pierre (TF Riggs)) Fall 3:48
  • 132Beau Peters (Sturgis) over Hudson Shaffer (Pierre (TF Riggs)) Dec 8-4
  • 138Tristan Spencer (Pierre (TF Riggs)) over Thayne Elshere (Sturgis) Fall 5:36
  • 145Jaxon Ducheneaux (Pierre (TF Riggs)) over Kalvin Ketelsen (Sturgis) Fall 4:44
  • 152Chase Carda (Pierre (TF Riggs)) over Dawson Inhofer (Sturgis) Fall 1:20
  • 160Deegan Houska (Pierre (TF Riggs)) over Zhoel Irion (Sturgis) Fall 1:34
  • 170Trey Lewis (Pierre (TF Riggs)) over Preston Ray (Sturgis) Dec 9-5
  • 182Chance Carda (Pierre (TF Riggs)) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 195Reese Jacobs (Sturgis) over Gavin Stotts (Pierre (TF Riggs)) Dec 7-2
  • 220Aiden Werlinger (Sturgis) over Elijah Boutchee (Pierre (TF Riggs)) Fall 5:12